Paan + Choco Pops

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Rootivate X HNST 

Is now part of a new collaboration called "live in balance"

Eating healthy & clean 100% of the time is not always possible, we recognise that & that is what this collaboration is all about. 

Handing it over to HNST now to tell you more about this indulging option.


If you love paan, you are going to fall in love with these. 

So the story goes somewhat like this -

Prakash ji who works in the chocolate factory loves paan & always saw us trying different flavours. 

One day he comes & tells us " why don't you look at indian flavours like paan " 

We all fell silent for a minute because we realised that this was the missing piece of the puzzle. 

So we decided if our chefs can make a paan inspired filling & get it approved by our paan expert, Prakash ji. We would have a winner & thats exactly what we present to you here. 

The centre of this choco pop is a filling of meetha paan & gulkand coated with our special chocolatey heaven. 

We then pass it through a machine that wraps each one individually so your hands are the first to touch it when you open them.

When you try these, please do drop us a message so we can update Prakash ji.