Mocha + Choco Pops

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Rootivate X HNST 

Is now part of a new collaboration called "live in balance"

Eating healthy & clean 100% of the time is not always possible, we recognise that & that is what this collaboration is all about. 

Handing it over to HNST now to tell you more about this indulging option.

A no brainer. 

Do you have any idea about the number of people that love coffee ? Do you know the exact number of people that need a coffee every day? 

We took a survey & the results were astonishing. 

The survey showed that it was a lot of people. 

So, we combined 2 of peoples favourite things & made these mocha choco almond pops.

Surprisingly, we have started to like coffee too now. As long as it tastes just like our mocha choco pops. 

Get yours now.