Date + Choco Pops

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Rootivate X HNSTĀ 

Is now part of a new collaboration called "live in balance"

Eating healthy & clean 100% of the time is not always possible, we recognise that & that is what this collaboration is all about.Ā 

Handing it over to HNST now to tell you more about this indulging option.

If you were expecting some fancy sounding text, describing to you how you will connect with this because some cocoa has been handpicked & sourced specially for you? Well, it hasn't.

We believe in bean to tummy.

Keeping things straight forward.

So here is some insight into what this is -

1) We got some nice plump dates & removed the seeds

2) Chose really pretty looking almonds

3) Then roasted themĀ to give them a nice crunch & that oh so yummy smoky flavour.

4) Next, we took those roasted almonds & stuffed it into those cute dates.

5) Then we took those stuffed datesĀ and passed them through a machine that coveredĀ it inĀ chocolatey heaven.

6)These are then taken to a machine that makes them dance around to remove any excess & give a smoother finish.

7) Finally its all cooled & packed in a really cool machine that takes each individual choco pop & seals it, so that no one but you get to touch it.Ā 

Honestly, we are super proud of what we make.Ā