Crispy Wafer + Choco Pops

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Rootivate X HNST 

Is now part of a new collaboration called "live in balance"

Eating healthy & clean 100% of the time is not always possible, we recognise that & that is what this collaboration is all about. 

Handing it over to HNST now to tell you more about this indulging option.


We used to have a chocolate in our childhood that used to come in these super fun red boxes ( we can not name them for obvious legal reasons )  & that box always had just enough to satisfy our cravings. 

When we decided to do our own chocolates, we knew that those were something we wanted to re-create & thats exactly what we did. 

We made a crunchy, crispy wafer ball & coated it in chocolatey heaven. cooled it off & machine packed it, so that the first human hands to hold it would be yours or ours ( we eat a lot of them - Quality check is very important ) 

We are honestly so proud we were able to make these, so when you do order them & try them. We will be waiting for your feedback.