The All In One Granola Box

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Balanced nutrition intakes can make so much of a difference in the way we feel throughout the day. Our granolas ensure a balance of your most important macros- Protein, fibre, complex carbohydrates, fats, natural sugars.

Every granola is rich in fibre & slow digesting carbs. Giving you 20 to 40% of your daily fibre requirement in one serving and because of this its great to keep you full enough and prevents cravings.

We know the importance of using natural sugars and that is why we only use honey or date syrup to sweeten our granolas. Nothing but the best!

We were fed up of the huge packs that we were stuck with when buying any granola or muesli. We decided to change that, single serve packs so that we can eat a new flavour each day and also carry them anywhere with us.

Other people never tell you that even though something is healthy, eating too much of it might not be the best thing. So we made single serve pouches that let you portion control. You get the recommended amount of calories and macros that are best for you without the worry of going overboard.

We pride ourselves on being clean label. We only use ingredients that you know and can trust. No artificial flavour, No artificial colours, No preservatives, No fillers, No additives, Nothing which is ultra processed and we source most of our ingredients from farmers and direct sourcing partners to ensure quality. 

Returns & Refunds
* There are no returns because why go through all the stress of having to send something back.  * However we do offer Refunds.If there is any issue with the order you receive,please reach out to us at or drop us a message at 7796697177 and we would be very happy to help you.