The ‘C Word’ That Doesn’t Make Sense- Cravings

The ‘C Word’ That Doesn’t Make Sense- Cravings

The C word that controls all of us, at some point a.k.a cravings is inevitable.

Now if you don't experience cravings, please share your secrets with us mortals because having no cravings or even very few of them seems like a dream. 

The main question is how do cravings start? Is it our tummy? Or is it our brain, heart, soul or mind that plays the role of the master puppeteer?  If it’s either of the above, can they help in controlling them too? If you notice, we only crave junk instead of broccoli (or anything healthy for that matter!). 

While we deal with this barrage of questions, let us begin by looking at evolution, yes this goes way back. Selective Food cravings are very common and they occur mostly for processed foods with high salt, sugar, fats. Sometimes, you feel hungry for no reason. As per the Medical news Today, what mainly triggers cravings is the imbalance of 2 hormones- Serotonin, a hormone responsible in regulating our sleep, mood, sexual desires, feeling of fulfilment, etc. & Leptin, a hormone responsible for maintaining weight by regulating hunger. Not just that, other common factors include your emotional state at that moment, menstruation & pregnancy (for women, of course), stress, anxiety, dehydration, lack of rest & sleep. Even the media and corporations have subtly conditioned us into thinking that binging acts as an elixir for problems. We have grown up believing a tub of ice cream is a cure for bad breakup or stress eating pizzas can lessen future worries, haven’t we?

While curbing the urge to binge eat is a relatively slower process, the best way to avoid cravings is to avoid hunger and have timely meals. That way, the hormones are not getting triggered and your body gets the required nourishment at the correct time. The other ways include getting enough rest, opting for healthier alternatives such as baked chips instead of fried ones, fruits instead of fries, nuts instead of caffeine, and lastly, keeping mental health in check.  Another way that has proven effective is engaging yourself in hobbies or something meaningful.
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