The lost weapon of the human race

The lost weapon of the human race

What if we told you that deep within you lies an ancient power that is encoded into your DNA, all you have to do is unlock it. 

No this is not going to be a flying lesson or 101 ways to unlock superhuman strength.

It's something way less cooler but more important. 

The power of breathing correctly. 

Yup, we all breathe so you might feel we are crazy but do you breathe the way that you have been designed to breathe? 

Our guess, most likely not and you aren't alone. Sadly 9/10 people don’t know how to harness the power of breath, wait let's take a step back. Do we even know the importance of breathing correctly & the way it can change our life? 

If you want to know whether you are breathing the wrong way, how to fix it & how breathing correctly can be used as a weapon in life, then this is written for you. 

First let's look at how to check if you are breathing correctly? 

Take a deep breath. Do your shoulders go up and elongate your body while you breathe in and then when you breathe out, do your shoulders come back down and contract your chest? 

If this is exactly what you felt, then you are breathing wrong.This is called vertical breathing and while it might feel right, it is only partly filling you up.

Another important thing to check yourself is whether you normally breathe your nose or mouth?

Remember that breathing through your nose is the correct way. 

What is the correct way to breathe ?

Great breathing begins with great posture. You are born with the power to breathe correctly but slowly over time that ability disappears due to various factors, one of them being bad posture that weakens your back muscles and compresses the chest because of rounded shoulders. 

Once you become conscious of your posture, it is then important to know that the right way to breathe is through your belly. When you inhale, your stomach should fill up first and expand, then your chest.This ensures that even the lower part of your lungs fill up with air. When exhaling your stomach comes back in and then your lungs contract. This also ensures that you push out the maximum amount of carbon dioxide from your body and allow for the next round of breathing to be more impactful. 

How can proper breathing be used as a weapon?

Every part & system in your body relies on oxygen. From your brain to your digestion, breathing can impact your ability to think more clearly to improve your body's immune system & even reduce stress. 

In our daily lives, one of the most common issues that we face is not having enough energy but there is a technique that allows for an instant recharge. However it is recommended to be cautious because it is powerful & can even cause you to faint if you are not careful & stretch it too far, so self regulation is paramount and this is also best done with supervision or someone around you to help. 

1st - Take a deep breath and hold it in. Hold it till the point where it becomes difficult to hold it in without causing stress 

*If step 1 feels okay then only move to step 2 

2nd- hold onto something like your door frame or window grill for support and this time after breathing in, title your face, throat & chest upwards towards the ceiling (hold onto your breath only till the time you can still feel your feet on the ground ) 

3rd- exhale & come back to normal breathing. 

Now that you have the knowledge on how to unlock the entire potential of your breath, Be aware, practice & share the joy. 

Be the superhero that you deserve to be 

Read Good. Breathe Good 

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