Every product you buy,
you can Trust is Better for YOU
and EVERYONE around You.


To ensure you eat good,

We ensure that every ingriedient

used is kept as close to nature

As it was intended to be.


Clean Label ensure Honesty.
ingredients, Nutritional facts are
always bold and easy to read

Nothing Hidden Ever

Every Product you buy has an
Ingredient Map, 100% Transparency,
So you know exactly what you eat
and where it come from.

No Guessing. Ever

How is it better for Everyone Around You ?

Rootivate Products Contain
ingredients that are directly sourced
from various Farmer groups
& cooperatives.

Helping to give back to those who give their all.

Rootivate helps Create equal Job
opportunities for women from
rural areas by training and hiring
them in the manufacturing unit
which is proudly run by these
wonderful women.

Our sourcing Partnerships
Helps Sustain and Grow Local micro
businesses and cooperatives.
you can only grow stronger
when you grow together.

A portion of every purchase made
by you goes towards our impact
fund which helps various
social causes and organizations.